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Global Climate Change Youth Congress

27 November 2009, Renmin University
         Alex Wang  President of Global Climate Change Youth Congress
                   王则开 全球气候变化青年峰会主席

   Prof. Jin Canrong, Your Excellency Ambassador Chen Shiqiu, Your Excellency Mr Sosen Jacobsen , Mr Amy Zou , ladies and gentlemen,
   尊敬的金灿荣教授,陈士球大使,Sosen Jacobsen阁下,周惟彦女士,先生们,女士们,大家好!
   Today I am so honored and happy to see everyone here . My name is Alex Wang , I am President of Global Climate Change Youth Congress. But I am not the only person who make this congress happen, the people who make the congress happen is everyone sitting here. And I think Fighting against Climate Change needs everyone !

   During the preparation of the congress , we get great support from Renmin University , The Embassy of Denmark in China. And also we get great volunteers from AIESEC and RUCMUN. Without them , nothing will happen today.

    This Summer I visited Europe and South Asia , and worked for  AIESEC International Congress in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia .It was a great youth gathering for people from more than 100 countries and territories. 2 moths ago , when I came back from Malaysia , I was thinking when China will host a global youth congress , it will be such a meaningful event. And then I got an email saying that AIESEC wanted to host a “Model UN COP15 Conference “ ,I think it is such a great idea ,5mins after I read this email, I decided to apply to be the president ,luckily get elected. That afternoon , I called 8 great friends , and all these 8 great friends become the key team members in the team , and in one week , we get more than 30 volunteers from Renmin University , Peking University, Beijing Jiaotong University and Beijing Language University ect . Even people from Dalian and Wuhan called me to ask whether they can join the team. Since that moment, I strongly get motivated by these young people’s passion and feel that : Fighting against climate change needs everyone . These great young people are sitting in the last row of this planery , if you can give a big applause to them , I will really apperciate !Becuase this congress can never that well-organized without them.
   今年的夏天,我游历了欧洲和东南亚各国,并在马来西亚吉隆坡为AIESEC全球大会工作,这个大会完全是由青年举办,是全球100多个国家和地区青年的聚会。2个月前,当我从马来西亚回到中国的时候,我就一直有这样一个梦想: “ 如果有一天,在中国可以举办这样的青年盛会该是多么有意义的一件事情.”  回国之后,我收到一封邮件,是AIESEC中国大陆区总部有一个关于举办“模拟哥本哈根大会”的想法,看完这封邮件5分钟后我就决定去申请做峰会主席,幸运选上后的那天下午我给自己的8个好朋友打电话,这8个人成为了我最原始峰会组委会团队,经过1周的努力,我们这8个人从AIESEC和人民大学模联协会中招募了超过30个志愿者,这个30多人的团队不仅来自中国人民大学,而且还有北京大学,北京交通大学,北京语言大学等,甚至还有大连,武汉等地的同学打电话过来问能否加入团队。从那刻起,我就深深地感触到:遏制气候变化需要每个青年人的参与!现在我这30多人的志愿者团队就坐在会场的最后面,如果大家能够为他们鼓鼓掌,我将无比感激感谢!因为没有他们,就没有今天的峰会!

   How time flies ! Two month passed , we got more that 30 learning partners and 20 Media Partners .At the same time , we even got some emails from North America,Africa,Europe which aims to look forward to building partnership with us .I think the reason why so many organizations can come together is that we share the same vision and Fighting against climate change needs everyone ! Everytime when I look back my 2-month great experience, I feel “apperciated and touched”,because we came here to work for our passion , our dream and our vision. “ Our Passion , Our Dream , Our Vision” are to take action , protect the earth , and leave a more beautiful , healthier world !
   过于的2个月,经过我们共同的努力,我们获得了超过30多家组织的学习合作伙伴和20多家媒体合作伙伴,我们还收到了大量的从北美,非洲,欧洲各个组织发来的邮件,期待以后展开相关项目的合作。我想我们之所以能够走到一起的原因是:我们有共同的愿景,遏制气候变化需要每个人的参与!每当回想起过去两个月和合作伙伴一起工作的时光,我都有一种“感激和感动”,因为我们是为我们的激情,为我们的梦想,为我们的愿景而努力,我们的“激情,梦想,愿景” 就是共同采取行动,为后人留下一个更美丽更健康的地球!

After so many “thanks” , I need to say “sorry” . 2 month ago , when Congress Committee wrote an email to COP15 Committee in The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark to ask whether we can use the COP15 logo , they replied very soon saying that students can put COP15 logo beside student event logo .But I feel sorry that I decide to photoshop the words without asking . Because the logo is so beautiful and I am not sure my understanding is right: It is the earth , and every point is a person, everyone is connected and we are protecting our earth together.Fighting against climate change needs everyone!
   说完这么多的“感谢” ,我想说一声“ 对不起” , 2个月前,我们给丹麦外交部哥本哈根大会组委会发了封邮件,咨询哥本哈根组委会:我们将在中国举办模拟哥本哈根大会,能否使用哥本哈根大会的标志(Logo) 。组委会很快回复告诉我们:青年学生举办活动可以将哥本哈根大会的标志放在学生活动标志的旁边。但对不起的是我把标志下面的字给改成“模拟哥本哈根大会”。不过每当我去看哥本哈根大会的标志,我总是感叹这个标志真的是太漂亮了。我不知道我的理解是否正确:这是一个地球,但是是每一个点组成的,然后每个点连接起来,代表着人与人之间的联系。这也意味着气候变化与每个人的生活都息息相关,遏制气候变化需要每个人的参与!

   Congress is a start , it is time for us to take action. After the congress , Chinese Youth Delegation will fly to Copenhagen and join COP15 Conference to share what we did in China and what is Chinese youth voice for fighting against climate Change. We want the world know about the great stories about Chinese youth fighting against climate change. As well , we are going to launch “50action” after the congress which is the real take action programs to fight against climate change founded by our delegates.

   At last but not the least , Standing for the congress committee of Global Climate Change Youth Congress , I want to say “thanks” to all the partners and youth participants!

   Youth , Let’s come together to take action and be a climate leader!

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